Monday, March 4, 2013

Men's First Date Pet Peeves!

Women have certain standards of what a first date should entail.. so of course men do too! Here are some of the biggest first date complaints from men!

1) Being late without any warning. Honestly this is one of my pet peeves too. If you're going to be late, let me know! It isn't hard to send a text or a phone call to let me know that you are running late. If I'm supposed to be picking you up (this goes for hanging out with friends as well.. sorry, just a majro pet peeve!) and I'm trying to call you for details but you aren't picking up or responding to my texts or calls, I get impatient and mad. Usually they are just away from their phones, their phone has died or they are napping with their phone on silent, but we have plans at a time we both decided! Common courtesy, please! If you show up to a date late, chances are that the date will not start smoothly. Good manners and common courtesy go a long way.
2) Being dressed inappropriately.
This goes for being underdressed, overdressed or just inappropriately dressed. If you know you have a date right after work, bring a change of clothes and a small travel bag of beauty essentials with you to the office then. Look good, feel good! Don't change into something that really isn't anything either... just because he or she can't take his eyes off you (or your other body parts that may be hanging out) doesn't mean that he or she likes you... they just may appreciate what you're showing off for free. Dress appropriate for the situation too! If you're going to the movies, no need for a cocktail dress.
3) Little to no eye contact and fake smiles. You're sending the wrong messages! Making eye contact makes you seem confident to your date as well as open to communication. It is also fairly easy to differentiate a fake smile from a genuine smile. Listen and communicate with your date or else it won't seem like you're having a good time, when in reality you're having a great time with your date!
4) Glued to your phone. I'm guilty of being on my phone when I'm hanging out with my family or friends! I really enjoy it however when my friends and I play that phone game (when we stack our phones on top of each other and the first one to give in to get their phone has to pay for everyone's meals or being publicly shamed) because it forces us to socialize to each other rather than being in our own mobile network. On a date, keep your phone in your purse or pocket on silent or vibrate if you must. You're here to get to know your date, not to check your email and messages!
5) Poor manners.
This goes with #1! If your date sees you being rude to your waiter or other people, it gives off a poor impression of you. First impressions are everything and if I go on a date where my date is shouting at the waiter because he forgot to get more water, I'm not going to want to go on a second date. It will make your date wonder if this is the way that you will treat him or her in the future.. if you even have a future together!
6) Talking about your ex. No one wants to hear about your ex flame on a date together. Trust me. Just don't bring it up. Even if your date is the most caring and understanding person on earth, a first date is not the time to live in the past! If you're still talking about your past problems, you may not be ready for a new relationship.

So men, do you agree with these first date complaints? Women, do you think these are ridiculous or can you relate? I can say I definitely relate to all these first date pet peeves!

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