Friday, November 30, 2012


TGIF, everyone!

Just a reminder that the contest is still on! Any memory or story will enter you in the contest. Even a short sentence or two is acceptable. Don't be shy! You could be the one to win a special prize. :)

Lately, I've been thinking about high school friends and college friends. Has anyone ever heard that you don't keep your high school friends but you keep the friends you make in college? I know that I mostly hang out with my friends from college now but I still try to keep in touch with a few select high school friends. Of course I see middle school and high school friends around my home city but it's mostly small talk and saying hello when we do bump into each other. One of my friends is leaving to go back to Socal after finishing her last quarter. This made me nostalgic and reminiscing about certain times and places. I do miss college sometimes... just not the schoolwork. The great professors, hanging out with friends, getting swiped into the dining hall, living on your own with roommates/housemates... Good times!

Have you had a significant other in college but had to part ways because of distance and/or location? Story of my life for my last ex... share any stories you have! It's definitely interesting to hear what other people have to say about college relationships... especially mines, haha.

Stay warm and drive safely! Just don't drive as slow as a snail... people get angry quick!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Special present for you!

Wednesday... the dreaded hump day of the week. Along with the rain coming down (not at this moment but for the next few days!), it looks gloomy outside. Just remember the Christmas cheer in the air! :)

Tonight, I have a special surprise for my fellow blog readers.

Whoever leaves a comment with a fun/inspiring/random story about you and a loved one (a significant other) during a rainy day can be qualified to get a free online gift that was exclusively only sent out to our email list! Leave your email and name along with your story. Excited to read what you share! :)

BTW, we'll also have a surprise coming fast at you soon! Get ready for it. ;)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas is coming...

Thanksgiving just passed but it's almost time for my favorite time of the year -- Christmas!! I love the Christmas songs that start playing on the radio (judge me all you want but Justin Bieber's Christmas album from last year is so good), the Starbucks red holiday cups, the cold weather and Christmas cheer in the air. Friends on winter break, annual Christmas traditions, exchanging presents and being thankful every time. Can you believe that it's almost 2013?? Cliche, but I remember the end of 2012 like it was yesterday.

So what's your favorite thing to do during this time of year? Do you have a favorite memory?? For me, one of my favorite memories is this annual Christmas gathering my friends and I have done for the past 3 years, this year being the 4th time. Even though it's different every year, it's nice to have something that has been here so long. Every person has definitely changed- grown up, gone somewhere else for college, hangs out with other people now but we come together this one time of the year and just hang out like we did before years ago. I'm grateful for the people who still attend and I get to see them one of the few times of the year. It's just good fun!

My other favorite thing is when my family and I travel somewhere during Christmas. For the last few years, we've gone to Reno/Tahoe where we usually go skiing or another snow-related activity (we've done dog sledding and snowmobiling!). I'm not sure what we will do this year but Disneyland or Florida have been thrown in the mix!!

One favorite thing I've done with a significant other has just been lie in bed and relax while watching movies on TV. The usual snacks and everything, and then waking up the next morning to exchange gifts. Sounds a little boring but honestly, the simple pleasures in life are sometimes the most rewarding.

So what are some of your stories/memories?? Love and cheer in the air!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Favorite thing to do with a significant other

Happy #smallbusinessSaturday ! Support small, support local and support your small businesses. :) Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! There's still some leftovers in my fridge... so much food!
How was your Black Friday? I thought it was a little much this year, considering that Great Mall opened at 10 PM rather than the usual 12 AM, and Target opened at 9 PM (the Target in Cupertino opened at 6 PM!!).. shoppers went crazy. My friends and I went to the mall a little after it opened and parking was already ridiculous but there were still spots open considering that the mall being open at 10 PM wasn't advertised much. The usual atmosphere: crowded, body heat, lines and so much people. I didn't end up getting much but it was fun because of the people I was with and seeing some familiar faces in the crowds.

 So today's question is: what is your favorite activity to do with your significant other and/or loved ones?? Do you like to go shopping, eat at new restaurants, go hiking? Personally, I like being spontaneous and trying new things. But then again, a good date night of dinner and a movie can never go wrong either. :) Don't be afraid to switch it up though! Once after eating out with a ex-significant other, we randomly decided to go to the beach. It was cold but spontaneous and memorable.

So what's your favorite thing to do?? Any out of the ordinary activities that you've experienced with someone?

Monday, November 19, 2012

What was the most disastrous date you have ever been on?

Did it end up being a complete failure of a date? Or did it end up being hilarious and connect you with the other person? Some dates that are horrible can still end up with two people connecting.. and leaves you with a great story to tell your friends when they ask how you met each other.

Sometimes I think dating is a lost art. In college, it was definitely something I had to make time for- date night. It would mostly be dinner, sometimes a movie too or just hanging out with just each other. I think it's different when you hang out with friends and your significant other compared to just you and your significant other hanging out, if that makes sense. My opinion is that you should leave personal time for yourself, for you and your friends, and for you with your significant other. It's a hard balance, especially if you have classes or work or other obligations. Make time! I know sometimes it's really hard for me personally because there's so much going on and I'm a people pleaser so I want to be able to be there for anyone and everyone.

So what do you think? Have any juicy stories?? I don't have any good stories (no real horrible date stories, sorry!) but I want to hear yours if you have any! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

What was your best relationship story?

Happy Monday/Veteran's Day to everyone!

So what was your best relationship story? It could be the relationship you're in now, or any relationship you were in before. Why was it such a good relationship? How did your significant other in that relationship treat you? I want to hear stories that made you all happy. :)

There were plenty of good moments as well as bad in my relationships- all memories nevertheless. There are always going to be songs or places that will always remind me of the significant other but after all this time, it's a fond memory instead of a painful remembrance.

So were there any cute, significant moments, memories or sayings that you look back on affectionately? Share in the comments! The best comment will be mentioned in the next blog post. :)

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Does age matter to you in a relationship?

It's Saturday, yay! :) Hope your weekend got off to a great start so far!

My thought of the day is if age matters to you in a relationship. Some date younger people, some date older people and some only like to date those in a close age bracket. I know some people have limits of how young or how old they will go for but honestly, sometimes you can't help who you love!

So what is YOUR opinion on this? Personally, I wouldn't go for more than 2 years younger than myself, and no more than 4 years older... but if the right man comes along, who says I wouldn't break that rule? Whoever makes you happy, makes you happy. I think that's what matters!

I know other people have their own stories and opinions though so share them in the comments below! :) I'd love to hear them.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Favorite love song

What's your favorite love song? Or any song concerning love, relationships, etc.?

While I drive around, I blast the radio. A few songs that have been playing on the radio (repeatedly... I hear some of them every single day!) have been: Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Lovato, Adorn by Miguel and Let Me Love You by Ne-Yo.

Other songs that I've listened to constantly have been: Tonight (Best You Ever Had) by John Legend and Refill by Elle Varner. Have you guys been hearing these on the radio too?? I swear, sometimes I don't want to hear a song on the radio and switch to another station but it's playing the exact same song! It's crazy...

What are some songs about love that you like to listen to? Are there some songs that you always go back to? Some throwback songs? (I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston is always a classic!)

Leave some songs in the comments section! It's always interesting to find out what type of songs people listen to. Maybe I'll even get to hear some new music! :)

P.S. Are you one of those people who like to blast a certain song when it comes up on the radio and just belt it out? I honestly sing at the top of my lungs sometimes in the car while driving. No shame! When you're feeling it, you go with it! official website launch

TGIF! Happy Friday to everyone! :)

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Do you think men and women can stay friends after being in an intimate relationship?

Hello readers! :)

I haven't been here for a bit but we at have been working hard on our official launch website. We did say that we were launching last Friday (11/02) but some last minute technicalities came up so we're currently in testing but don't worry- we should be launching ASAP! We only want the very best for you all! :)

So what has been on my mind lately is the question of whether or not YOU think that men and women can stay friends after being in an intimate relationship. I know there are some women and/or men out there that say it's impossible to stay friends with your exes after you break up with them but there are others that claim that they are still friends with their exes.

I do have friends that have stayed good friends with their ex flames but there's way more people that I know that haven't been able to stay friends with their exes. What's your opinion?

My personal experience is that my ex and I have always tried to stay friends with each other but it just didn't work out and we ended up becoming distant while moving on with our own lives. My last relationship wanted us to be friends- until he discovered another girl to move on with and she decided to tell him who he could be friends with. So that's done and over with!

So what do you guys think? I honestly want to believe that there is a possibility of exes staying friends but in my own time, it hasn't worked out so far. Tell me your experiences and opinions!