Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bring On the Sexy!

If you ever need some tips or help creating some more fire between you and your partner, look no further!

1) Take a bath together. Add some bubbles, champagne, lit candles, soft music in the background! Use a great bath bomb to heighten the senses. This creates a great stage for seduction and for a memorable night.

2) Have a sensual picnic. Get some yummy dessert like chocolate-covered strawberries with some great champagne or wine in a romantic setting such as beach side.

3) Try out aphrodisiacs. Try a date night where you and your partner try out a variety of aphrodisiacs. You can try out oysters or chocolate fondue!

4) Striptease. A personalized striptease just for your partner? They'll love it. Wear a sexy outfit that may be on of their favorites - one of his dress shirts with a sexy pair of lingerie. Put on some good music and start dancing!

5) Give a massage. There is nothing more relaxing as well as seductive than skin-to-skin contact. With some warmed up massage oil and some relaxing music playing softly in the background, it'll heighten the senses and get your partner in the mood.

Hope these ideas have helped! Always remember to try to pull out these tricks from your hat if you need to spark the fire between you and your partner back up.

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