Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pretty Little Liar

Of course people tell little white lies while in a relationship, to their partner.. but when does it go too far?

Example one: This woman cannot cook at all. By "not at all", I mean she doesn't know how to cook eggs and can barely boil water.. without help. It's entirely stereotypical (but true) that on the first date, you may tell a few white lies to impress your date... so she paints herself as a great cook who loves eating homemade food. So what do you do in the situation where her boyfriend wants a home cooked meal one night as a date? She panics and calls her friend, who really is a great cook, to cook their dinner for her. Problem solved.. until he decides to stay the night and expects breakfast in the morning. Instead of having to have her chef friend over for every home cooked meal in the breakfast/afternoon/evening, she decides to come clean. Her boyfriend, already suspicious of her "great cooking skills", laughs it off because to him, it's not a big lie or a big deal. This scenario ends well.

Example two: This woman does not want kids. She has had no desire in her lifetime to ever want kids. She ends up meeting the man of her dreams but the big difference is that he wants kids- at least 3 of them! She doesn't want to give up her perfect man so she tells the little white lie that she also wants children and believes that maybe if she keeps it up, she'll actually want kids in the future. However, her mind and heart haven't changed in the next few months. The two are starting to talk about marriage and feeling guilty, she decides to come clean. He is angry and confused. They end up breaking up and this situation ends up in the worst outcome category.

There are the acceptable white lies but when does a white lie become an unacceptable lies? I'd advise for you just to stay truthful because that's when it is the least messiest. But to each their own! However, remember that relationships thrive on honesty, communication and trust.

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