Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bumping into your Ex.. Now What?

Have you ever run into your ex-significant other unexpectedly? It's definitely happened to me! What do you end up doing in that split moment?

When it has happened to me, it caught me off-guard. Once a relationship ends, I do not end up on talking terms with my ex-relationships. My last relationship ended on an okay note but something happened that made it horrible and that ended on bad terms due to insecurities with his new fling. I ended up running into him at a party in our college town but we didn’t end up speaking to each other. It was a bit awkward and I literally saw him walk in, see me, turned around trying to avoid me, and ended up walking really quickly past me. I expected nothing less but I didn’t know what else to do either!

So what would you advise someone to do if they run into their ex-relationship? My personal advice: keep it classy, cool and short. There’s no better revenge than seeming cool, calm and collected when running into your ex-relationship! Even if you are boiling with anger at seeing your ex-relationship on a date with another person or full of awkwardness, keep it inside and don’t lose your cool! 

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