Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did You Know About This??

Today I bring you some more shockers about dating and relationships!

Some not so shocking but interesting data:
1) Couples usually wait around 6-8 dates until they are both willing to enter into a monogamous and exclusive relationship. I agree with this. However, people do enter into relationships within maybe 2 dates but each person rolls their own way, right? I can completely agree that this seems average though.
2) The most common time for a break-up of a relationship is around 3-5 months. I also agree with this. A good amount of relationships end up being over after the "honeymoon period" where one person in the relationship may start getting annoyed with the other's habits that they may have glossed over before. There are also other reasons of course.
3) 92% of single parents would rather date other single parents instead of singles. Honestly, if I was a single parent, I would also want to date another single parent. I just feel like the other person would understand what I have been through or am going through. There's also always that chance that if the person I was dating, hadn't mentioned that they did not want or like children. There is no future in that and ends up being a waste of time for the both of you.

Here comes the shockers:
1) 33% of online daters form a relationship, 33% do not end up in a relationship and 33% end up giving up. Those numbers made my eyes open wide... also the fact that all the numbers are 33%. However, those numbers also seem plausible as well. It makes me sad that some people could end up with nothing though.
2) There are 95.9 million unmarried people in the United States. 47% of that 95.9 million are men and 53% are women. Nothing to say except that 95.9 million is a whole lot of people.
3) If you want to create an instant link with a date, say his or her name at least twice in the conversation. It will show that you are paying attention to your date and flatters the other person.
4) HOT DEBATE: What is the appropriate time to call after you meet someone? It is usually 2-4 days but does not go beyond 4-5 days. However, calling too soon can seem desperate but calling too late can seem like you're playing a game.

What do you think? I honestly thought the factual data was interesting but found it relatively true and not-so-shocking. I also found the shockers actually surprising. I agree that #4 is a hot debate between people though... I personally prefer for a man to call me sooner than later but to each their own right?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friends, Friends with Benefits, or Friends Zoned?

We've all heard about friends with benefits and being friend zoned, right?!

For a movie example concerning friends with benefits, let's take "Friends With Benefits" starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. It was a hilarious rom-com (aka romantic comedy) and tugged at our heartstrings when Timberlake rejected the idea of him being with Kunis with her overhearing it. Do you believe that you could be in a strictly friends-with-benefits relationship?

I know that people say they are satisfied with a "hook-up only" relationship with no strings attached. No cuddling, no having to commit, no "real" relationship. However, a lot of these friends-with-benefits-only relationships end up with one person having feelings for the other but the other person may not reciprocate the same feelings, ending up with hurt feelings and a damaged relationship. This may not be the case for everything but rarely have I seen a friends-with-benefits relationship that has yet to work out but then again, not many friends of mines have done just a friends-with-benefits relationship.

On the other hand, I've seen a million and one of my friends get friend zoned. It's really hard once you get into that area to get out of it. It stinks that one person works up the courage to tell their friend that he or she has feelings but the feelings are not reciprocated as well. Some people just keep hoping and wishing that maybe someday, their feelings will be the same for each other. However, when is the time to either move on or to keep hoping? There is no real answer that I can give you; if you two are friends and happy, then that's what you should remain with for now. It may or may not happen but if it is supposed to, then it will. Sooner or later, you never know but everything about being friend zoned is unpredictable!

Friday, February 22, 2013

We're Back & Better Than Ever!

Hello my Blogspot people!

For your enjoyment, we will be having this blog up as well as our blog on our website (<-- click to go there!). There will be different reading material on each one so visit both to learn! ;)

To welcome you back, I just wanted to ask: did you know? I learned some interesting facts from the Internet about dating and relationships so I'm going to share them!

1) The most common time for a relationship to break up is between 3 to 5 months. Not too surprising to me honestly... from my experience, a good number of couples end up breaking it off after their "honeymoon phase" slowly dwindles down.
2) and Elle Magazine collaborated on a survey and discovered that more than 31% of men confessed to breaking it off with an overweight partner. This compared to 12% of women that confessed to doing the same thing... a bit shocking but definitely an shake of my head for me. Appearances do have power in the relationship.
3) Wear blue! If a man cannot decide what to wear when going on a date, wear blue if in doubt. Studies have shown that women are attracted to men that wear blue. I love blue so it works in my favor! Blue is also an attractive color for both men and women, albeit not the only color.
4) A matchmaker in Manhattan charges $20,000 as a starter. If the match is successful and ends up in marriage, a bonus is expected. What?! A good chunk of people make less than that a year... reminds me of the millionaire matchmaker though.
5) Dating was started from a courtship ritual where young women entertained male callers under a chaperone's watch during the 20th century. Later on by the 1960s to 1970s, dating was replaced by "hooking up", considering the standard/socially acceptable age for marriage started increasing. It sounds a bit sleazy to me but I also appreciate the fact that women were finally given the right of marrying whenever they wanted to, rather than at 16 years old like back in the past.

So did some facts shock you? I can tell you that I learned a couple of new things from this!