Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Break Up to Make Up

When it comes to sex, there are a variety of scenarios and visions that may come to mind. With sex, people usually have a preference for this work of art, especially when you are physically attracted to someone, in a relationship or both. One of the popular topics on this physical notion is make up sex vs. break up sex. Having two different meanings and similar actions, they are two of the most popular and disputable versions of sex.

If the chemistry between two people is strong, the physical attraction can be looked upon as an electrifying movement. Make up sex can arouse from a disagreement, dispute or miscommunication between a couple but most would say it is a hot and heavy form of sex. In a unique way, the passion behind the disagreement draws you closer,  bringing the inner essence of both parties to a forefront. This action allows the gates of emotion to take over. Emotions are heightened to such a great level, when they are implied and placed in tune with the person you love, make-up sex or a passionate love session awaits you. Unlike break-up sex, more than likely you are not breaking up with a person over a disagreement or an argument.

The approach to break-up sex is slightly different. In this form of sex there can be numerous reasons for the different actions taking place. Some people say break-up sex is looked upon as a trap, a lasting memory or just the right thing to do at the moment. Before breaking up, the sex that takes place is a result of a last resort or option left between a failing relationship. Since the relationship itself is not working out, the next best thing your emotions are connected to may be the physical attributes of the relationship. Unlike make-up sex once you declare a break-up, there is no relationship to come back to unless there is a change of heart during the act of break-up sex. Even with a change of heart the relationship may not be in the strongest state because the lasting impression that is left is solely based on a heightened physical encounter.

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