Saturday, November 24, 2012

Favorite thing to do with a significant other

Happy #smallbusinessSaturday ! Support small, support local and support your small businesses. :) Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! There's still some leftovers in my fridge... so much food!
How was your Black Friday? I thought it was a little much this year, considering that Great Mall opened at 10 PM rather than the usual 12 AM, and Target opened at 9 PM (the Target in Cupertino opened at 6 PM!!).. shoppers went crazy. My friends and I went to the mall a little after it opened and parking was already ridiculous but there were still spots open considering that the mall being open at 10 PM wasn't advertised much. The usual atmosphere: crowded, body heat, lines and so much people. I didn't end up getting much but it was fun because of the people I was with and seeing some familiar faces in the crowds.

 So today's question is: what is your favorite activity to do with your significant other and/or loved ones?? Do you like to go shopping, eat at new restaurants, go hiking? Personally, I like being spontaneous and trying new things. But then again, a good date night of dinner and a movie can never go wrong either. :) Don't be afraid to switch it up though! Once after eating out with a ex-significant other, we randomly decided to go to the beach. It was cold but spontaneous and memorable.

So what's your favorite thing to do?? Any out of the ordinary activities that you've experienced with someone?

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