Saturday, November 10, 2012

Does age matter to you in a relationship?

It's Saturday, yay! :) Hope your weekend got off to a great start so far!

My thought of the day is if age matters to you in a relationship. Some date younger people, some date older people and some only like to date those in a close age bracket. I know some people have limits of how young or how old they will go for but honestly, sometimes you can't help who you love!

So what is YOUR opinion on this? Personally, I wouldn't go for more than 2 years younger than myself, and no more than 4 years older... but if the right man comes along, who says I wouldn't break that rule? Whoever makes you happy, makes you happy. I think that's what matters!

I know other people have their own stories and opinions though so share them in the comments below! :) I'd love to hear them.

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