Friday, March 15, 2013

The Perfect Gift

What is the appropriate gift for your significant other? Sometimes it is extremely hard for me to pick out a present for just my friend let alone my significant other! 

Personally I try to strategize. I would rather get my partner something that would mean a lot to him, even better if it means a lot to both of us. For example, I made a “care package” kind of thing for an ex for his Christmas present. It consisted of a sweater that he wanted (when I asked him to choose between three choices, haha), a specialized water bottle that he mentioned in passing that he liked, a heartfelt written card, and other items that were personal and meant something to both of us. He loved it and that in return, made me feel great about it! Sometimes, giving is even better than receiving! 

My opinion is that the more personal and thoughtful the gift is, the more that your partner will actually love it. Even something small but carefully thought out is better than something expensive bought last minute with no thought behind it. I would rather receive the gift and immediately think, “wow, _____ knows me so well!” and see the effort that my significant other put behind it. 

Some time and effort may be needed but it will be worth seeing the shocked, happy, surprised expressions on your partner’s face when he or she opens your present!

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