Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meeting the Friends

You are currently in a serious and committed relationship with your partner. Your friends have wanted to meet him since you've been raving about your wonderful significant other. So when is the appropriate time to introduce him to your friends?

Your friends’ impressions may or may not be important to you but either way, they will end up having an opinion about him. Whether or not they tell you, or if you care about their opinions, if you want the result to be great, here’s some tips!

Make sure that your significant other is comfortable to meet your friends. If he or she feels unprepared and nervous, your friends may pick up on that and it may end up going in either a good or bad direction. Your significant other may feel like they have to impress your friends and end up acting completely different than the person he or she actually is. Therefore, have your significant other and your friends meet somewhere neutral and comfortable. You could possibly go for drinks after dinner with your significant other. Give some tips to your significant other. Maybe one friend has a sensitive topic that your partner should not bring up- let him know before the night may end up badly! 

Have you had any good or bad experiences while introducing your partner to your friends? Share them along with your tips!

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