Monday, November 5, 2012

Do you think men and women can stay friends after being in an intimate relationship?

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So what has been on my mind lately is the question of whether or not YOU think that men and women can stay friends after being in an intimate relationship. I know there are some women and/or men out there that say it's impossible to stay friends with your exes after you break up with them but there are others that claim that they are still friends with their exes.

I do have friends that have stayed good friends with their ex flames but there's way more people that I know that haven't been able to stay friends with their exes. What's your opinion?

My personal experience is that my ex and I have always tried to stay friends with each other but it just didn't work out and we ended up becoming distant while moving on with our own lives. My last relationship wanted us to be friends- until he discovered another girl to move on with and she decided to tell him who he could be friends with. So that's done and over with!

So what do you guys think? I honestly want to believe that there is a possibility of exes staying friends but in my own time, it hasn't worked out so far. Tell me your experiences and opinions!

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  1. Its something that everyone says they want to do, but usually no one is able to actually stick with their words. Maybe over time, usually a long long time, it is possible for exes to be friends again. It might also depend on the intensity and feelings in the duration of the break up. But in most cases, i feel like the answer is no, it is not something that has proven to work. I feel like if the breakup was messy, its hard for one person to not relate back to the feeling they used to have or to keep it on a non intimate level. Its usually pretty hard to stay emotionally stable. The only circumstances that ive known for it to work is after a long period of time when both members of the relationship have completely moved on and are more happy with other people.